1) Its Going to be Awkward: When trying something new or different, its not going to feel comfortable. Making a change is hard. Making a change with motorskill is even more challenging. Don’t shy away from the awkwardness you will encounter. It won’t last forever and it shows you are doing something different and better.

2) Its Going to Take Work: During the coaching sessions, you will improve your knowledge and skill. To make those improvements long lasting, you will have to put in the effort on your own. You will be given guidelines on how to work smarter not harder to maximize your growth – however if you don’t put in the work the improvements will disappear.

3) It Will Take Time: On average to reduce your scoring average by 10 shots takes about 1 year. There are some that will see faster improvement but in general it takes about a year of work and coaching to make that change. Shooting lower scores is not just about being able to swing the club better, you have to perform on the course, manage your game and score well.

4) You Will Succeed and Struggle: There will be times during your training where you feel you have “got it”. There will also be times where you feel like you can’t do anything right. This is normal and comes with the challenges of improving. Controlling your emotions during these moments will play a critical role in your growth and development. This is a process you are undertaking and results will develop. Trust the process.

5) Your training will be both physical and mental: We all have heard that golf is a mental game. This is very true, however mental skills and strategies are rarely taught. Your training sessions will cover both physical improvement to get you to hit the ball better and the mental strategies needed to do so when it counts.

6) You will be pushed past your limits: Countless times I have heard – “I can’t hit that any better.” My response to that is – oh yes you can and we will get you there. Be prepared to go beyond your expectations. Getting better is a never ending journey.

7) Do not watch YouTube: If you are serious about your growth, and have invested in coaching, do not watch YouTube as you do. While there is some excellent information on the internet about swing technique, tips and drills there is also a lot of information that is flawed, confusing and contradictory. Additionally, the internet is a one way from of communication. As a student you don’t have the ability to seek clarity, further explanation or why this is relative to what you are focusing on. Watching YouTube while taking ongoing coaching sessions will add to your confusion.

8) You Already Micro-manage Your Swing: “Keep my head down, keep my left arm straight, relax my grip, hinge my wrists, shift my weight, hit down on the ball etc…..” All these swingthoughts are single occurrences within a larger motor pattern. By focusing on these individual components during the execution you will struggle to perform. The golf swing is a fluid complete singular movement with several actions performed by the body simultaneously – similar to riding a bike.

9) You will not be spoon fed information: As a coach its not my job to get you to perform better, its my job to get you to know why you performed better so you can do it again. This requires you to be able to internalize information and develop ownership of your swing. Your coaching will be a purposeful guided patch of discovery so you can develop this internalization.

10) You are not alone: Throughout this task – whether you want to hit the ball in the air, better your friends on the course, or higher aspirations of competition locally, regionally or nationally you are not alone. As your coach, we are in this journey together – one that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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