Private Coaching

The most popular form of instruction provided.

Private instruction is designed to benefit the golfer looking to make long-term improvement as well as the golfer who just wants tune up their game. A variety of packages and prices are offered so you can find the lesson that best suits your needs.

Private coaching sessions are conducted with golfers of all ages and skill levels and provide the most individualized instruction available. There are several different options available to you for Private Coaching.

Single Lessons

This is a great introduction to the value of learning with a professional. During this 60-minute lesson we will:

  1. Discuss your game
  2. Discuss your goals
  3. Warm up on the Range
  4. Document your swing on video
  5. Analyze the video together on the driving range
  6. Implement Changes
  7. See the improvement on the range

Long-Term Coaching Plans

In my opinion this is the best way to develop long-lasting changes in your game and play the best golf of your life. Long-Term Coaching Plans enable us to examine in depth all aspects of your game and work at not only analyzing and correcting it, but making sure the corrections work for you personally and last a lifetime. The combination of hands-on coaching on the practice range and on the course combined with the very latest in teaching technology is the best way to achieve long-lasting improvement in your game.

9-Hole Playing Lessons

A playing lesson is one of the best ways to have your entire game analyzed in a non-simulated environment. Parts of your game will be filmed, but you will also receive advice on how to manage certain situations and see the course like a professional does.

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