Tim Conaway, Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach

Tim is the Owner and Director of Instruction of Conaway Golf Academy. A graduate of the Golf Academy of America (Orlando), Tim brings more than 15 years teaching experience to his clients, who’ve won multiple local junior tournaments, club championships and Florida State Golf Association events. Prior to starting Conaway Golf Instruction in January 2012, Tim served as an Assistant Golf Professional at The Oaks Club in Osprey, Fla. He was also the Golf Events Coordinator for the Longboat Key Club in Sarasota. Tim has earned numerous coaching certifications, among them U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach, AimPoint Express Certified Instructor, FlightScope Certified Professional and SeeMore Putter Institute Certified Instructor. His special areas of interest include putting, mental performance, wedge play and utilizing ground forces in the full swing.

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Why Tim?

I know there are numerous options available to you for golf instruction in the Sarasota area. Please allow me a few minutes to explain to you why I believe I can provide faster results and longer-lasting improvement better than anyone.


I have a passion for the game of golf and a desire to help others enjoy the game to the best of their ability. Your goals as a golfer become my goals as well. Whether you are a beginner or a player who has aspirations to play at a high level, whatever you want to achieve in golf I can help you get there.


Like you, I’m a student of the game. I regularly attend educational workshops and seminars to increase my knowledge—not only on the mechanics of the golf swing, but also how to communicate best to students. Learning is a lifelong process and if we are not learning, we are not living.


I use the latest golf instruction and video swing analysis technology, including the Flightscope 3D Doppler Radar launch monitor/ball tracking system. This allows me to know exactly what is happening with your club and ball so that I can help you improve faster.


I will design a custom program just for you based on the goals that you want to reach. I will work on developing a swing that is fit for YOU. I do NOT teach one swing to all students because each student is unique. Each student learns a swing that works best for their body size, shape, strength, flexibility and athleticism. I have been teaching for more than 15 years and have encountered all different body and swing types and have been able to get results for all of them.


In a constant effort to expand my skill-set, I’ve achieved several certifications. I am a FlightScope Certified Professional, a SeeMore Putter Institute Certified Instructor and an AimPoint Express Certified Instructor. The knowledge that I have gained through these certifications enables me to be more effective with my clients so that they can make long-lasting improvements in their game.

Exclusive Tips

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Guaranteed Improvement

I GUARANTEE you will leave the lesson with a better knowledge and understanding of how the golf swing functions. Just take a look at my testimonials and see what some of my students have experienced. There you have it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I look forward to helping you become a better golfer.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Brad Myers, PGA

Brad is a PGA Staff Instructor with the Conaway Golf Academy. While at The Woodlands Country Club in Texas, he oversaw a junior program that produced multiple team and individual state champions and college scholarship recipients, and in 2005 was awarded the Junior Golf Leader Award by the Southern Texas PGA Section. Brad’s many certifications include Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 and TrackMan Certified Professional Level 2.

Reserve Your Lesson with Brad by calling him at 832-515-7625 or emailing him at bmyers@pga.com

Why Brad?

Here are 5 reasons why Brad can help you stop the insanity and enjoy playing the game whether you are just starting or have played for a long time.

TPI Certified

Brad believes in building functional swings that provide a predictable ball flight. Since we are not all built the same, we all are going to move differently and make compensations to make the ball go at our target. Being TPI Level 1 Certified, Brad has the ability to perform a TPI Screening that will tell you what your body-swing connections are.

Trackman Certified

Trackman technology measures 27 various points of impact. These include clubhead speed, ball speed, angle of attack and clubface angle, just to name a few. By utilizing this technology, we will know exactly what your club and ball are doing through impact. This is important as this interaction determines how the ball will fly in the air. Brad has a Level 2 certification with Trackman.

PGA Education/Certifications

Brad is always trying to improve his knowledge of the game. He has been certified by the PGA of America in Instruction and is currently enrolled in the PGA of America’s Master Professional Program in Teaching and Coaching. There are currently only 187 PGA Master Professionals in the U.S. at the time of this writing.

Personalized Playing/Practice Plan

No matter if your goals are to play professionally or to just get out and enjoy the game with family and friends, Brad will determine the best playing and practice plan for you. You will not leave one of his sessions without having a clear understanding of what to do, how to do it and how best to learn each piece.

Personalized Attention & Care

As a student of Brad’s, he will get to know you. You will not just be a time on his calendar. Brad’s role as your instructor/coach is to facilitate the improvement of your game and in order to do that, he will need to know how you tick and build a relationship with you.



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